Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 All-Clad Factory Outlet Sale

I was so happy when I saw the ad above on my Facebook newsfeed. But, it didn’t last long. Mr. P reminded me that he won’t be able to drive me on that day. Yes, I am an independent woman who cannot drive. Oh, well. I’ll just wait until the next sale event at the end of this year. But to everyone else who is interested, here are the details:

Washington County Fairgrounds, Washington PA

Dates and Hours:

Friday, May 31st from 9am-7pm
Saturday, June 1st from 9am-4pm

The Washington County Fairground is about forty minutes to an hour outside of Pittsburgh. It’s worth the trip. I can’t want to return myself. Now, I will just continue daydreaming about which pots and pans I shall get next. La, la, la, la, la….


  1. loh! pasaipa takleh drive? senang je drive...
    tekan minyak, tekan break.. pusing2 stering.

    haa.. tekejut you takleh drive hilang excited kaktek dgn sale all-clad.. hahahaa...
    lama dah terkubur niat beli all-clad nih.. tak jumpa outlet.

    1. kuat berangan, takut accident. well...I just never learn to drive, and as I get older it just seems scarier.