Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pretzels Anyone?

The original recipe only makes eight pretzels, but my friends and I ended up with 22 pretzels. It was so intentional. 

This is what actually happened. I was reading the recipe while trying to make the dough at the same time. First we measured the flour, salt, yeast, and sugar; and put all of them in a bowl. Next step would be water, and I saw "10 cups of water" written in the ingredient list. Having made a lot of bread before, I really thought that was weird. But in the spirit following direction I added 2 cups at first, and another 2 cups... 

I was wary about adding more waters since the dough was pretty wet. That's when one of my friend re-read the direction and we realized that 10 cups of water was meant for the boiling water to boil the pretzel later, not for making the dough. We only needed 1 1/2 cup of water for the dough. Now we had a pancake batter-like dough. We could not discard it because I didn't think I have enough all-purpose flour make a new batch. Besides I really hate to waste the "dough" because of my hastiness.

Lucky for me, one of my friend is a math genius, at least compared to me. He helped us figuring out how much more flour, salt, sugar, and butter we needed. I had to use all of the all-purpose flour I had, and obviously, I didn't have enough of them. So crossing my fingers, I added wholewheat flour to make up the differences. So, that's how we ended up with 22 pretzels instead of 8. But I'm glad I misread the recipe at first, otherwise I don't think eight pretzels would had been enough for us. Yay!

We also topped some of our pretzels with cinnamon sugar by basically buttered the newly baked pretzels and rolled it on cinnamon sugar. Yummm....

Link to recipe mentioned in this post:


  1. Mmmm! Whole wheat flour is always a good idea, as is doubling/tripling pretzel recipes!

  2. we should make some pretzels together too :-) Maybe once you're in grad school, and need some distraction.
    These pretzels were still good even after they cooled down

  3. wahhh sedapnye.... yummy!!! baru je pas mkn auntie's Anne pretzels ritu... pos kat Malaysia =p

    -kak Diya

  4. kak Diya,
    Tak boleh pos. Berkulat nanti bila sampai. hahahaha.

  5. Good story (been there, done that) Pretzels look great-especially that big twist at the bottom!

  6. Great looking pretzels. I love the shapes you created!

  7. These pretzels look delicious and oh so perfectly shaped! Definitely a happy accident.

  8. TupperCooks!, that happens to me all the time. Since I improvise a lot when cooking. But when it comes to baking, scary things can happened when you're not paying attention. In this case scarily good.

    Mimi & Joanne,
    You guys should try making Pretzels too. They'll look pretty no matter what. And also being tasty too.