Friday, February 19, 2010

Crepes Roll-Up with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip

When running out of motivation and time to cook, I tend to make crepes. It's fairly easy to make, and suitable for breakfast, lunch, snack, and even dinner. You never had crepes for dinner? You should try it, be it a savory crepes or a sweet one. And sometimes all you want is the plain one. Mmmm...

I used to not use measurement before but never really like the outcome, though everyone else would gladly eat them. But with this recipe that I found on, it really hits all the right note for me. It produces soft, rich, and thin crepes. The only changes I made is to use 2 whole egg instead of 3 egg yolk, canola oil instead of butter (to cut the cholesterol and saturated fat), and soymilk instead of milk (that's all we had in our fridge). But it was still good.

One good tip I learn about avoiding clumpy batter is to put all ingredient (EXCEPT milk) together, and whisk with half a cup of milk at a time. The batter would be thick at first, and getting rid of the clump would be easy. Then keep adding more milk to dilute the batter until you're done. Viola! No clumps in your batter.

This morning for the filling, I just spread some peanut butter in the middle and sprinkle a few chocolate chip on top of it before rolling it up. You know what's better than that? Nutella!

Back when we were young and innocent in the early college years, my friends used to come over to my apartment and we would have crepes with nutella and whipped cream. Oh yeah, we would eat those as if they were no tomorrow. Now all of us are on separate ways, but the memories remains--crepes and nutella.


  1. pretty much like lempeng to me :P

  2. But lempeng is more liat and less lemak :-p

  3. Crepes texture is more like 'kuih ketayap' than it is 'lempeng', though essentially it is a 'lempeng'.